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Project Description
This project is an unobtrusive script to be used with SharePoint sites, in order to provide the client some additional features, without making them public.





  • added "sign in as a different user" button

This project started on the need to have "Open with Explorer" available in other browsers.
Clearly this is a very cumbersome path, which ended up failing due to various constraints.
In a way, it was good to fail because it made it possible to move on to an even better approach: a user script.
A user script is a piece of javascript code that runs on a page, on top of the site's resources, which will create additional features/benefits without affecting other users (i.e. server code).
This is then, sort of an additional developer dashboard, with some small informative perks, for the SharePoint ecosystem.

  • Button to open the current location in an explorer window (not only library context)
  • Button to display the web template applied to the current web site
  • Button to display the current url (also available on iframes, which is handy to get the iframe source URL)
  • Button to reload the page (also works on postback pages, when a "#" exists in the url)
  • Setup your own domains where the script should run

  1. Install Greasemonkey
  2. Download the script in this project
  3. Upload it to greasemonkey on your browser
  4. Customize the domain-matching links in the top to that your sites are mapped
  5. Make sure greasemonkey is enabled and active
  6. Create more features/icons!

More here.

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